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Design Coordination is Key

Coordination is key I always say. Why? Well, with new businesses its key to coordinating your brand. A common mistake of start-up businesses is to go to your graphic designer for a logo, the sign company for your signs and the printer for your stationary and leaflets etc.

The end result is a uncoordinated look to your branding which has been interpreted 3 ways. To use an analogy its like buying a suit, would you buy your jacket, trousers and waistcoat from 3 different shops?

As a designer it my job to manage and apply your branding correctly so colours are matched, the style is consistent and the messages your want to portray are coming through.

Every client has the autonomy to shop around, to get the best price and as new businesses there is a temptation to go for the best price or try and handle things your self as its your new baby. Surely better to leave to design to experienced professionals so you can get on with running your business.

After all, loyalty with your designer will prove to be much more fruitful in the long run as designing a brand takes on a deep understanding of your business.


Conference Calls

Over the coming year there are a number of business conferences and exhibitions coming up in and around Yorkshire. Notably the Yorkshire Mafia Conference on 24-25 April at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and also the Brand Yorkshire Conference on the 2 October at the Pavilions of Harrogate.

Footfall is high and so the need for clear and understandable messages is all the more apparent when introducing your business for the first time. The shell system (above) is the common display method used at conference events and so isn't it worth starting to think about your display and getting ahead before conference day arrives!

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In Branding We Trust

Wade Creative designs brands for new and existing businesses throughout Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and the north of England and whilst working in my job, I never loose site of the fact that I am in the business of creative design and idea generation.

I’ve always felt that most clients know what they want when they see it and trust them to know there business better than anyone. At Wade Creative we always trust in strong branding to represent our clients and we always represent our clients with trust.


Putting All Your Cards on the Table

Despite the power of the web, this last year has seen an increase in the number of business cards designed by Wade Creative. As companies look to maximise their exposure to potential customers through social media, having a snappy business card in some cases has opened up face-to-face conversations as clients seek to impress.

Investing time in Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook will pay dividends in the long run, but that is exactly what it is, an investment, an investment of time. For many small businesses finding time for social media has been an issue as they are heavily involved in its day-to-day function and social media’s longer term goals can seem quite remote.

Having a social media strategy can help towards achieving longer term goals and I would recommend Janet Bebb of Social Progress | @socialprogress1 as a great starting point. Equally having a quality business card says a lot about you and your company so when you finally meet those potential clients you are living up to your online reputation.


The Alternative Brochure

In recent months I've noticed a shift in the way clients require brochures. Most now want the flexibility to update and add content easily and so the shift has been towards folders and insert cards rather than the permanence of bound brochures. Perhaps this reflects the impact of the web and the need for content to change periodically and on demand.

Gone are the days of 5,000 print runs as clients are now looking for maybe 100 or 150 copies due to digital printing. There still is a roll for printed brochures as most clients need the visual tools to help them during face-to-face conversations without the reliance on technology. Equally I am finding clients want to be able to leave something tangible behind when the meeting is over. Lets hope print doesn't completely dissapear before the end of 2013!