The Alternative Brochure
Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 2:13PM
Steve Wade

In recent months I've noticed a shift in the way clients require brochures. Most now want the flexibility to update and add content easily and so the shift has been towards folders and insert cards rather than the permanence of bound brochures. Perhaps this reflects the impact of the web and the need for content to change periodically and on demand.

Gone are the days of 5,000 print runs as clients are now looking for maybe 100 or 150 copies due to digital printing. There still is a roll for printed brochures as most clients need the visual tools to help them during face-to-face conversations without the reliance on technology. Equally I am finding clients want to be able to leave something tangible behind when the meeting is over. Lets hope print doesn't completely dissapear before the end of 2013!

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